Additives & Specialities
  • PVOH
    Full product range of polyvinyl alcohol grades for wood and paper adhesives resulting in high film strength, strong binding capacity and fast bonding speed.
  • Rheology Modifiers
    Associative and non-associative thickeners for water-based industrial adhesives.
  • Preservatives
    Wide range of In-Can Preservatives to control microorganism growth in the wet state and secure product’s shelf-life. Also, to protect dry film from sources of contamination, thus ensuring long term preservation.
  • Plasticizers
    Highly functional materials to adjust elasticity and film forming properties, control set-time and workability of adhesives.
  • Defoamers
    Specialized products for each system in order to eliminate foam during production and application process, ensuring surfaces free from defects.
  • Dispersing & Wetting Agents
    Full product range to help adhesive producers stabilize different kind of fillers and create even and homogeneous distribution of solid particles in several liquid media.
  • Other Additives & Specialities
    Cellulose Ethers, surface wetting agents, adhesion promoters etc.